Aesthetics + Energy

Safety, security, and shelter are three key attributes that homeowners strive for within any living environment.

Safeguarding Your Home

While roofing, siding, and windows are an investment to upgrade and replace, this infrastructure is essential for protecting any structure and contributes greatly to the efficiencies of every dwelling.

Michael Anthony Contracting provides an array of services to keep your home dry, safe, and energy-efficient.

Roof Replacement

Our Roof Replacement System is a comprehensive package that not only eliminates future problems, but increases the value of a home. Our team of experts doesn’t just replace shingles, we look at roof replacement as a system with many vital parts. We take into consideration attic ventilation, install ice and water shields to prevent water damage caused by ice dams, and install new flashing and ventilation systems as needed. Michael Anthony Contracting installs only the highest-quality roofing material and guarantees our workmanship for the lifetime of the roof.

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